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Creative Technologist

Hi! I'm Mads.

I create neat digital things for devices with pixels.

My apologies that there isn't much to look at here at the moment. My guess is you've come here from a link from some social media site, or that we know some of the same people. You can learn a little about my professional skills from my LinkedIn profile , follow my infrequent postings on Twitter, or, if we've met in real life, feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook.

I'm a curious, creative guy with coding skills and more than 18 years of experience, which does not make me old, but wise! I started my career with Flash in the late nineties. Now my skills lie mainly with iOS development (Swift) and frontend programming. In lack of a precise job title I often use the term "creative technologist" to describe myself. I love producing a great end-product with the best tools available.

My latest happy customers include Telia, Think, Bolighed, Lundbeck and Eli Lilly. I've made award-winning projects for such varied companies and entities as Novo Nordisk, PepsiCo, Rockwool, The Danish Defense, Coop, ATP, IKEA, The Danish Foreign Ministry, Coloplast, Scandlines, Synoptik, Stofa, Sydbank, Telia, Tryg and many, many more. I've also done a lot of subcontracting work for awesome agencies such as Hjaltelin, Adtomic, ZUPA and Relationshuset/Gekko.

I love coffee, so if you've got some on the pot and time to spare, give me a call! I'd be happy to drop by and talk about anything and everything - for example about the time Anne Linnet grabbed my leg to make me work faster on her record company's website 😳 😆

  • iOS / Swift / Objective-C
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • React / Node.js / Parse Server
  • UX / UI


  • Phone: +45 3022 0004
  • Email: mads@wisekopf.com
  • Address: Njalsgade 23C, 1., DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark